Angelic Alchemy

Invite the Angels help you transform your life

Welcome to Angelic Alchemy.

Alchemy is known as "the art of transformation".  An alchemist has a vision, uses an assortment of tools and raw materials, harnesses the elements of water, fire, or air, applies their knowledge and with a leap of faith, creates something new.

Just as the Ancient Alchemists searched for their formula that turned lead into gold, the Angels tell us we have the ability to transform ourselves - to  tap into our "inner gold" that is within each of us.   We have the tools and the raw materials to transform our lives.  We also have the Angels  to help us along our alchemical journey.

Angels are messengers of the Divine Spirit.  They are here to help us along our life's journey.  We are also fortunate to have access to the Ascended Masters, some of whom have walked on this Earth, who have offered to stay close and help us.  Buddha, Mother Mary, Einstein and St. Hilarion are among them.

Angels, Ascended Masters and other Spiritual Beings understand that we humans have "free will"  ~ they do not interfere ~ they wait for us to ask for their assistance.

Angelic Alchemy would like to empower you to trust your inner voice ~ your access to your Angels and the Ascended Masters to help you in your personal transformation.

Please, feel free to wander around~ take a moment to visit the Angels here ~ visit the Goddesses in the Beadwork Gallery ~and know that your Angels are always with you ~ you only need to ask.

                                       Artist:  Yvonne Gilbert
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