Angelic Alchemy

Invite the Angels help you transform your life

Angels & Divine Beings
Have you ever wondered about Angels?
Have you had an encounter with an Angel and wondered if it was real?

Angels are real and Angels love us - unconditionally.

There are references to Angels in  many religions and cultures around the world.  Some might call this a coincidence, I prefer to call it synchronicity.   Whatever you  call it, the message is the same...Angels are among us.

You can be in touch with your Angels.   There are many techniques to communicating with them -  prayer, meditation, song, dance, and the simplest form of all - just plain talking to them.

Along with the Angels are other Divine Beings.  Ascended Masters (Buddha, Einstein and Mother Mary, for example), Nature Angels (simply referred to as Fairies) and Guardian Angels are among them.   All are here to help us with our human experience.

I believe we all have the ability to connect with our Angels and Divine Spirit.  As an ANGEL THERAPIST (R), I teach you how to connect with your Angels and Divine Beings.  As I tell my clients, my goal is to empower you so you don't need me to do it for you. 


Photo by Larry Masterman

Paula provides Reiki to  a hummingbird that injured himself
by hitting her window. 
Good news~ the hummingbird flew away after less than
10 minutes of Reiki and has
visited her flowers
all summer long.