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Paula's Story
 I'm a Native San Franciscan who grew up living across the street from Golden Gate Park.  I remember when admission was free to roam the Steinhart Aquarium and the Japanese Tea Garden.  Our Episcopal church was (and still is) around the corner from the famous Haight St. and Ashbury intersection  I think my early exposure to the colors, textures and cultures of so many different people have stayed with me and now come through in my passions for beadwork and my spiritual path.

I've always been a Lightworker~
I just didn't have a name for it until I attended Dr. Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner (
R)certification course in September, 2006.  An Angel Therapy Practitioner (R) is one who has been certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. in spiritual counseling and healing techniques that involve calling upon the Angels, the Ascended Masters and other Spiritual Beings. 

My husband kids me that I only use the telephone "for appearances' sake" because I've always had those experiences of thinking of someone, and then they call.  Or I know who it is before they call!  It came in handy when I worked as a Legal Secretary for way too many years.

My Greek Grandmother was very good at dream interpretations and I've found that I also have this ability.  A family tradition, I'm proud to carry on.  I've always been Claircognizant (clear knowing) of Divine thoughts and messages.

I've been "addicted to beads" now since 1993 - ever since I took my first beaded ornament class.  I'm never far away from my stash of beads and thread (some of my best work has been on camping trips).

My husband and I met on a European tour in 1974 and we've been together ever since.  We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area until we moved our two boys to Trinity County, California in 1989.  We have lived by the ocean and now we are experiencing life in the mountains.  I'm proud of my family and how it has matured and suffice to say, that raising two boys (and a husband!) taught me important lessons that has helped me with my beadwork (patience) and with being a Lightworker (how to listen).

Mother Nature has also been a great influence on me.  I have seen Her at some of Her most powerful moments.  In May of 1980, we were in Yakima, Washington visiting family and friends when Mt. St. Helen's let loose and covered us in ash.    In October, 1989 I was packing our household for our move to Trinity County when the Loma Prieta earthquake decided to shake things up.    In the Fall of 2001, we were evacuated because a wildfire was threatening our home and town.  We came home to find our house intact and a new firebreak 300 yards away - a minor scar with a very big impact, as it is what saved our little neighborhood.  (And yes, I packed my beads along with family photos.)

All of these experiences have made their imprint on me and as a result I find myself wanting to honor the natural order of life.  In my beadwork, I always include natural gemstones to enhance the energies of my pieces, using stitches from different world cultures and presenting metaphysical themes.

I have found my niche as an Angel Therapy Practitioner (
R), helping others to acknowledge their intuitive sense, to understand  this is the natural order of being human and to honor their spiritual self.

I highly recommend visiting Dr. Doreen Virtue's website for more information about her books, her certification courses and workshops.

I am also a volunteer in my community and
 strongly encourage you to do the same. 

I am  President of the Board of Directors for the
Rural Creative Reuse Project, an organization dedicated to
educating our community about trash and how it can be reused
to create works of art instead of adding to our landfills.

I am a director on the Weaverville Joss House Association,
 an active member of the
 Trinity County Arts Council

and  the
Trinity County Chamber of Commerce

I am a member of
Trinity Alliance for the Healing Arts,(TAHA),
a non-profit organization with the emphasis on alternative healing practices.  Please visit our website to learn more about how we are spreading the word of Alternative Healing.

Get involved!  Your heart will thank you~

 Paula and Cinders in their Fairy Garden~