Angelic Alchemy

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Services and Contact
As  an Angel Therapist (R) and certified Medium,  Paula  assists  you in learning about  the Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Guardian Angels and your deceased loved ones.  She offers   consultations via email, telephone and, locally, in person.

Paula also offers consultations in:
Animal Communication
Dream Interpretation
Enhancing your own Intuitive Skills

Consultations via telephone, Skype or locally in-person:

$65.00 for 30 minutes 

$130.00 for 60 minutes 
Consultations via email:
$85.00 for 3 questions
(includes follow-up communication) 

  Once you have made your payment via PayPal, you can contact me at to arrange the date and time for your session with your Angels and Guides

If you live in Trinity County, California, be sure to ask about the "Shop Local" Discount!

Contact Paula at:
P. O. Box 2667
Weaverville, California  96093

It is the intention of Angelic Alchemy to spread love and light to our world.  It is not intended to replace the advice of your physician, mental health advisor or your own personal responsibility or beliefs.  If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder, we suggest you consult a physician or therapist.You are personally responsible for any actions or inactions you choose to take following a session.

    What's on the horizon
for you?

  Are you feeling confused or unsure?  Are you asking yourself "What's ahead for me?" or
"Which way do I turn?" 
Do you experience recurring themes throughout the year and are wondering what the next 12 months may have in store for you? 

Is this the time to begin a new business venture? 
Or maybe you're wondering about
love in your life?

Ask the Angels and you'll get clear, direct answers!

I am offering an Horizon Overview Reading
where we connect with your Angels and Guides to get specific information for the coming 4 seasons.

This can be done in person or via telephone or email because we are connecting to our higher selves and your many Guides - no boundaries or limits there!

I am offering this at a special price of $75.00. 
The reading session will
last approximately 1 hour (maybe a little more)
and if you like, I can provide a digital photo of the card layout for you to have as a reminder throughout the year.

Purchase Horizon Overview Session Here

Once you have purchased your session using PayPal, you can email me to arrange the date and time for your session.

Upcoming Reiki Attunement Classes
in Weaverville, California
  2013 to be announced soon!
Photo by Paula Masterman
Kwan Yin Listens
Weaverville Joss House