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Here are some testimonials offered by clients~

"Paula is a very wise, down-to-earth teacher of the heart.  I'm so blessed to have attracted her in my life as a teacher when I needed some help in learning about the tarot.  She helped to demystify the tarot for me via the soul's journey teachings.  I always resisted learning tarot due to its initially "scary" looking cards.  However, once I understood the symbols, I embraced the tarot and have been embarking on further studies to add to my repertoire as a psychic reader.  I'm grateful to Paula for initiating me into the tarot wisdom.  I have enjoyed the insights about my own spiriutal path that have resulted from beginning to study the tarot.  Paula has a wealth of knowledge from years of her own studies, including knowing of many resources and books that she has personal experience with.  I especially appreciated her incorporation of the divine feminine into the understanding of the tarot.  I highly recommend Paula as a teacher--she's loving and empowering.   You will enjoy your study with her very much."
-----Lisa S. 

Thanks so much for the reading. You were spot on as always. I so appreciate your guidance and love.
---Nancy C.

On several occasions, I have enjoyed the lovely experience of receiving Angel Readings from Paula Masterman.  Paula is very adept with the cards, but what impresses me is her heart-centered approach to her readings.  She is puts so much of herself into the interpretations of the cards, that when you sit with Paula, you immediately sense the presence of the angels themselves.  Her readings are inspired, and in every instance, I've received valuable information which has allowed me to connect better with my divine source.  Paula has a special, innate talent for cutting through illusions and delivering enlightened messages that you know are meant specifically for you.  Even though she is direct and truthful, Paula always works from a place of love.  Having experienced many other readings of a similar nature, I can very easily say that for me Paula's Angel readings have been the most profoundly meaningful, and the most personally significant.  Give yourself a gift, and contact Paula for an Angel Reading.   
----Peggy Wheeler, M.A.